2050 Canadian coup attempt (Malformedmule)
Part of the radical era
Date May 1, 2050 - May 3, 2050
  • coup unsuccessful
  • Canadian Nationalist Party banned
  • arrest of Canadian Nationalist Party leaders
Canadian Nationalist PartyCanadian Nationalist Party
  • Elements of the Canadian Armed Forces
* Elements of the First Army
* Fraction of the Second Army
* Elements of the Third Army of the Republic 
  • Elements of the Royal Canadian Aerospace Forces
  • Elements of the Royal Canadian Naval Forces
Flag of Canada Government of Canada and loyal institutions
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Agency

Local Supporters

Canadian Nationalist PartyVincent A. Martin

Canadian Nationalist PartyCpl. Nicholas Cain

Jeff Whitaker
Gen. Ryan Adams
12,000 volunteers and armed soldiers 120,000 Army, 40,000 Armed Police Officers
Casualties and losses
34 dead, 185 injured 22 dead, 98 injured

The 2050 Canadian coup attempt was an attempted coup d'état conducted by the Canadian Nationalist Party and its military unit, the Canadian Forces Nationalist Brigade (CFNB). The coup had intentions of overthrowing the socialist government and forming a new government ruled by the Canadian Nationalist Party. The coup lasted for two days from May 1, 2050 to May 3, 2050


In the Canadian Federal Election, 2047, the Socialist Party of Canada won a very slim minority government, with only four more seats than the opposition Canadian Nationalist Party. By-elections were held throughout 2049 and 2050 and by February, 2050, the Socialist Party of Canada had only a one seat advantage over the Nationalist Party. A next by-election was to be held on May 7 for a former seat of the Socialist Party and by April 2050, polling showed the Nationalist candidate in the lead. Desperate over the possibility of the Nationalist Party forming government, the Socialist Party new it had to act. On April 21, Jeff Whitaker, the Prime Minister of Canada, introduced an act that would prohibit the change of Prime Minister and his/her cabinet as a result of a by-election, meaning that if the Nationalist Party candidate had won the by-election, the party leader Vincent A. Martin could not become Prime Minister. The act was supported by the Liberal Party of Canada, the official third party, and was passed on April 24. Furious about this, nationalist members of the Canadian Forces quickly formed the Canadian Forces Nationalist brigade and planned the coup d'état to occur on May 1.

The coup is attemptedEdit

On May 1, 2050, CFNB forces left CFB Petawawa near Ottawa in 45 tanks and 900 armoured vehicles which they had acquired there. Gunmen arrived at parliament hill at approximately 11:00 in the morning and tanks arrived an hour later. CFNB forces obliberated local police forces and Canadian Prime Minister Jeff Whitaker ordered Marshall law. For two days, CFNB forces clashed with Canadian Forces and many believed another civil war was imminent. However, the coup quickly ended with the arrival of hundreds of CF fighter jets which struck CFNB tanks and gunmen. After two days and heavy equipment loss, nationalist forces ended fighting on May 3, 2050. As a result of the attempted coup d'état, Nationalist Party and CFNB leaders were arrested for treason and the Canadian Nationalist party was banned. To this day, May 1, 2050 is viewed as "the day Canada almost fell to fascism".

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