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United States presidential election, 2044

November 3rd, 2044

Nominee Bobby Jindal Beau Biden
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Louisiana Delaware
Running mate George P. Bush  Sasha Obama
Electoral vote 417 128
States carried 37 14 + DC
Percentage 57% 43%

The 2044 US presidential election is scheduled on November 3rd 2044. It's between the incumbent president Bobby Jindal from the Republican Party and Beau Biden, candidate of the Democratic Party.

Republican presidential primaries:


  • Bobby Jindal, President of the United States since 2041

Eligible for a second presidential term, President Jindal wins all the 51 states and all the 2286 delegates.


Bobby Jindal: 51 states + DC, 2286 delegates, 99,6% of the popular vote

Democratic presidential primaries:


  • Beau Biden, governor of Delaware from 2027 to 2035, Attorney general of Delaware from 2007 to 2015
  • Brian Schatz, senator of Hawaï since 2012

In 2043, Beau Biden, son of former Vice-president and unsuccessfull 2016 presidential candidate, announces a second run for president. His main opponent is Brian Schatz, senator of Hawaï. Biden wins the nomination with 35 states, 1431 delegates and 52% of the popular vote.


Beau Biden: 35 states + DC, 1431 delegates, 56% of the popular vote

Brian Schatz, 16 states, 855 delegates, 44% of the popular vote


President Bobby Jindal defeats Beau Biden on November 3rd 2044 by winning 417 electors, 37 states and 57% of the popular vote against 128 electors, 14 states and 43% of the popular vote for his opponent. His second inauguration as president is scheduled on January 20th 2045.

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