2044 US Presidential Election (Populist America)

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2044 US Presidential Election
November 6, 2044
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Nominee Brendan D. Davidson Damien J. Gallegos Richard Hart
Party Labor Republican National Conservative
Home state Vermont Texas Arizona
Running mate Vincent Jones John Hernandez David Adams
States carried 25 27 2
Percentage 44.6% 46.4% 5.2%
Incumbent President
Kevin Dragomir
Kevin Dragomir

 The 2044 Presidential Election was a three way election between left wing candidate Brendan D. Davidson, moderate Republican Kevin Dragomir, and ultra conservative Richard Hart. 

Davidson, a Senator from Missouri was nominated by the newly formed Democratic Labor Party, which was formed out of several left-wing political parties, progressive members of the Democratic Party and was also backed by the Green Party of the United States. Dragomir was a moderate Republican and incumbent president who was nominated by the GOP and the newly formed Green Liberal Party, an Anti-Davidson offshoot of the Green Party. Hart, a radical right wing congressman from Arizona, formed the National Conservative Party after Dragomir, once again, won the GOP nomination.  

Dragomir and Davidson ran on platforms of continuing populism, yet Davidson ran on a platform of restoring workers rights, abolishing the NSA, bringing the Federal Reserve under the control of the Treasury department, withdrawing from all free trade agreements, and abolishing the Electoral College. Dragomir ran on a platform of continued "populist policies", leading many of Davidson's supporters to call him "the Senator for Status Quo ". Hart ran on a platform of strict border security, deporting all "illegal" immigrants and repealing the second bill of rights, and the 28th and 35th amendments.

Dragomir was able to win thanks to victories in the outlying states, to which Dragomir had promised a referendum on independence.

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