The 2036 US Presidential Election occurred on November 4, 2036. It was the 63rd quadrennial consecutive presidential election. During this election Democrat Marvin Sagastume (38) faced off against Republican Marco Rubio (65).

Democratic Nominee:

  • Marvin Sagastume, Computer Scientist, Business Man, Entrepreneur

Marvin Sagastume, a graduate from Northeastern University (BS Computer Science and Business Administration), becomes the first Hispanic Democratic nominee in United States history. After a shocking primary win in California, momentum swayed his way, capturing the Democratic nomination on July 20th, 2036 in New York, New York.

Republican Nominee:

  • Marco Rubio, Lawyer, Politician

Marco Rubio, after failing to capture the Republican nomination in 2032, was the leading favorite for the spot heading into 2036. A graduate from the University of Florida (BA) and the University of Miami (JD), Rubio had been well known in the political world and seen as a potential presidential candidate since his first run in 2016. After swiftly winning his home state of Florida, it was a smooth coast for Rubio to his eventual nomination on July 28th, 2036 in Miami, Florida.


Marvin Sagastume and Marco Rubio, led their campaigns across the country between June and November 2036, as part of a legendary election.Two factors marked this election as historical:

- Both candidates were descendants from Hispanic origins, the first election ever to include both minority candidates.

- Sagastume had the chance to be the youngest president in the history of the United States. If elected, he would have beaten out Theodore Roosevelt, age 41 when entering office in 1901.

On November 4, 2036, Sagastume defeats Rubio by winning 306 electors, 25 states and 51% of the popular vote. Rubio received 229 electors, 24 + DC states and 49% of the popular vote. Marvin Sagastume was inaugurated as the 48th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2037.

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