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United States presidential election, 2036
November 7, 2036
Nominee   Gabriel Escobar
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Nevada Massachusetts
Running mate Alex Arias
Electoral vote 229 316
States carried 24 + DC 25
Percentage 49% 51%

The 2036 US presidential election is scheduled on November 7th 2036. It is the 63rd quadrennial consecutive presidential election. It's between the incumbent president Gabriel Escobar and Democratic challenger .

Democratic presidential primaries:


  • Michelle Obama, President of the United States since 2033

Eligible for a second presidential term, Michelle Obama meets a little opposition for winning the Democratic nomination again. She wins all the 51 states and 2286 delegates.


Michelle Obama, 51 states + DC, 2286 delegates, 99% of the popular vote

Republican presidential primaries:


  • Paul Ryan, 2012 vice-presidential nominee; U.S. Representative from Wisconsin since 1999
  • Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana from 2006 to 2014, senator of Louisiana since 2020
  • Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin since 2011
  • Rand Paul, senator of Kentucky since 2010
  • Alek Lexa, Former U.S Navy Commander 2024-2030, Senator of Pennsylvania 2032-Present, 2032 vice-presidential nominee
  • Abigail Brown, Journalist and rock musician (stand little to no chance)

Alek Lexa, making his bid for the presidency to make him the youngest president in history, Alek Lexa takes the nomination . His opponents are Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana and senator of the same state, Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, and Rand Paul, senator of Kentucky. Lexa capitalized on his experience in Foreign Policy and Military service and authorizing the land invasion of North Korea and ordering the Nuclear assault on Pyongyang. His past as vice-presidential nominee. He wins the Republican nomination with 35 states, 1403 delegates and 51% of the popular vote. He chooses Ivanka Trump as his running mate.


Alek Lexa: 35 states + DC, 1403 delegates, 51% of the popular vote

Bobby Jindal: 16 states, 737 delegates, 29% of the popular vote

Scott Walker: 0 state, 112 delegates, 11% of the popular vote

Rand Paul: 0 state, 34 delegates, 9% of the popular vote

Abigail Brown: 0 state, 1 delegate, <1% of popular vote


Michelle Obama and Alek Lexa led their campaigns across the country by June. Alek is from Pennsylvania, Alek excepted to win more states and more electors than Jon Huntsman in 2032. On November 7th 2036, Lexa defeats Obama by winning 316 electors, 25 states and 50% of the popular vote against 229 electors, 24 + DC states and 49% of the popular vote for her opponent. Alek Lexa is inaugurated on January 20th 2037.

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