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United States presidential election, 2036
November 9, 2036
Nominee Jon Huntsman Cory Booker
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Utah New Jersey
Running mate George P. Bush Beau Biden
Electoral vote 386 152
States carried 36 + D.C. 15
Percentage 56 % 44 %

The 2036 US Presidential election is scheduled on November 9th 2036. This contest is between the Republican incumbent President Jon Huntsman and the Democratic nominee Cory Booker.

Republican Presidential primaries

Candidate :

  • Jon Huntsman, President of the United States since 2033 (Nominee)

President Jon Huntsman meets no real opposition to win the Republican nomination, so he can focus early on Presidential campaign and early make ads against his Democratic opponents. The Republican National Convention is located in Detroit, Michigan.


Jon Huntsman - 2283 delegates, 51 states + D.C., 99, 3 % of the popular vote

Democratic Presidential primaries

Candidates :

  • Cory Booker, Senator of New Jersey since 2013, Presidential candidate in 2032 (Nominee)
  • Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2019, 2028 Vice-Presidential nominee
  • Beau Biden, U.S. Senator from Delaware since 2026, Attorney General of Delaware from 2007 to 2015, 2028 Presidential candidate


Cory Booker - 37 states + D.C., 2916 delegates, 60 % of the popular vote

Kamala Harris - 11 states, 842 delegates, 29 % of the popular vote

Beau Biden - 3 states, 140 delegates, 11 % of the popular vote


The election is scheduled on November 9th 2028. President Huntsman is re-elected, defeating Cory Booker with 386 great electors, 36 states and 56 % of the popular vote against 152 great electors, 15 states and 44 % for Harris. Jon Huntsman is inaugurated for a second term on January 20th 2037.

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