The 2031 Rawalpindi bombing was a terrorist attack carried out on March 2, 2031 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan by an unknown suicide bomber affiliated with various hardline Islamist elements within the country. The attack was carried out during a regional conference attended by UN Secretary General and former U.S. President Barack H. Obama, President of Afghanistan __ and Prime Minister of Pakistan Sharif Ahmet Khan. After two gunmen opened fire on the Punjab Marriott Conference Center and Resort, where the meeting was taking place, assorted delegates were segregated into two safe rooms as a security precaution. Once inside the safe room, an unidentified bomber wearing a suicide vest, suspected to be part of the Prime Minister Khan's security detail, set off his bomb, killing 26 people and injuring an additional 33. Amongst the dead were Obama, __, Khan, and US Ambassador to the United Nations Adrian Royce.

The bombing sent shockwaves through the international community as well as in Pakistan and the United States. US President Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, tearfully eulogized Obama, a Democrat he had once run against as a Congressman, and Obama was granted a full state funeral in Washington, D.C. along with a separate memorial at the United Nations building in New York. Obama's was the first of two Presidential funerals in 2031 - Hillary Clinton would pass away that December. In Pakistan, the death of Prime Minister Khan destabilized the Parliament and further pushed the country on the path to failed-state status.

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