2028 becomes a very important election in the history of the United States, it is an election that the people believe must create true unification. While President Eric Trump and VIce President John McAfee hit the ground running in 2024, over the years the duo's approval rates fall as some feel there is even more division in America. Once again, racial tensions and women's rights become major factors that many feel the Presidential cabinet is ignoring.

To say the least, the 2028 Presidential Primaries hosted various interesting candidates.

Democrats - Julian Castro, DeRay McKesson, Kanye West, Shaun King, Alicia Garza, Martin O'Malley

Republican - Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Lee Zeldin, Aaron Bean

Libertarian - Austin Petersen, Lily Tang Williams, Adam Kokesh

Also, interestingly, Ivanka Trump and brother Donald Trump Jr. ran a join independent campaign.

After primaries played their course, it was down to:

Democrat: Presidential nominee DeRay McKesson, Vice Presidential nominee Shaun King

Republican: Presidential nominee John Kasich, Vice Presidential nominee Cliff Rosenberger

Libertarian: Presidential nominee Austin Petersen, Vice Presidential nominee Mary Matalin

Independent: Presidential nominee Donald Trump Jr, Vice Presidential nominee Ivanka Trump

After one the countries' most diverse and widespread elections, underdog Independent party "Trump Family Party" reigned victorious. Their ability to win key states such as California and New York respectively played an important role in their win.

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