The 2028 United States Presidential Election

The 2028 United States Presidential Election President Mike Pence(R-IN) Was Decided Not To Run For Re-Election As President Of The United States Of American The Election Between Democratic Nominee Governor Mahlon Mitchell(D-WI) And His Running Mate U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand(D-NY) And Republican Nominee U.S. Senator Tom Cotton(R-AK) And His Running Mate Illinois Governor Adam Kinzinger(R-Il)

Wisconsin Is Not A Swing State Anymore Is Becoming A Strongly Super Ultra Liberal Democratic State Includes Ohio,Iowa And Colorado After Democrats Take Over The State Legistlatures,Governorships,U.S. Congressional Seats And U.S Senate Seats In The Midterms In 2026,U.S. House,U.S. Senate Elections And Presidential Election Of 2028.

California Is Now A Swing State

Mahlon Mitchell Was Elected As The Second Black President Since Barack Obama In 2008

Kristen Gillibrand Was Elected As The First Openly Woman Vice President

Mahlon Mitchell Tom Cotton
Kristen Gillibrand Adam Kinzinger
Democratic Republican
Wisconsin Arkansas
37 13
303 235
53% 44%

Republican Nomination

U,S, Senator Tom Cotton From Arkansas(Nominee)(Unopposed)

Democratic Nomination

Governor Mahlon Mitchell From Wisconsin(Nominee)

Congressman Jaoquin Castro From Texas

Speaker Jim Burn From Pennsylvania

Senator Amy Klobachar From Minnesota

Senator Maria Cantwell From Washington

Congresswoman Michele Martinez From California

Senator Michelle Obama From Illinois

Governor Michael Hancock From Colorado


Democratic National Convention Held At Milwaukee Arena And Miller Park In Milwaukee Wisconsin

Republican National Convention Held In TD Garden In Boston Massachusetts And Gillette Stadium In Foxborough Massachusetts

Swing States


California Minnesota Iowa North Carolina Florida New Hampshire


Pennsylvania Missouri Texas Georgia Arizona

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