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The 2028 United Kingdom General Election was held on a scheduled election date. Boris Johnson  and his Conservatives were re-elected.


2028 United Kingdom General Election Result
Party: Conservative Liberal Democrat Labour Party and Co-operative Party Socialist Labour Party British Defense Party
Leader: Boris Johnson Kirsty Williams Pamela Nash Katy Clark Tommy Robinson

Leader's Seat:

Henley Brecon and Radnorshire Airdrie and Shotts North Ayershire and Arran Luton South
Seats: 388 192 27 7 2
Seats +/- +9 +27 -23 -14 +2
Vote: 44% 29% 11% 8% 4%
Vote +/- +2% -1% N/A N/A +3%


Other Seats Won:

SNP: 10

UUP: 8

Sinn Fein: 5

Plaid Cymru: 3

Green: 2

DUP: 4

Alliance: 1

Independent: 1

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