The 2024 United States Presidential Election(Fernando's Worst Nightmare)
The 2024 United States Presidential Election Is Between Republican President Mike Pence (R-IN) And His Running Mate Jeff Sessions(R-AL) Are Elected To Office Against Democratic Nominee Former Govenor Andrew Coumo(D-NY) And His Running Mate Joseph P. Kennedy III(D-MA) Pence Was Elected To Office Since Lyndon B. Johnson 60 Years Ago In 1964
Despite Mike Pence Landslide Democrats Still Won The House And The Senate
Mike Pence Won Ohio,Colorado And Iowa Since 2004 And Wisconsin In 1984
Mike Pence

Andrew Coumo

Indiana New York
Republican Democrat
Jeff Sessions Joseph P. Kennedy III
424 114


51% 42%


Democratic National Convention In Dallas Texas

Republican National Convention In Salt Lake City Utah

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