2020 [[Image:
|border|25px|2024 US Presidential Election]] 2028
U.S. Presidential Election 2024
70px-Reince_Priebus_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg 70px-John_Edwards_on_Meet_The_Press.jpg Blank person
Nominee Reince Priebus John Edwards Robert Johnson
Party Republican Democrat Libertarian
Home state Wisconsin North Carolina Oregon
Running mate Joe Bohenor Dennis Kuinich Carl Person
Electoral vote 330 161 36
States carried 32 24+ DC 3
70px-Jill_Stein_2012.jpg 70px-Rocky_Anderson_at_MLK.jpg 70px-Rep_Virgil_Goode.jpg
Nominee Jill Stein Rocky Anderson Virgil Goode
Party Green Justice Constitution
Home state Illnois Utah Virginia
Running mate Roseanne Barr Pedro Rodriguez Jim Clymer
Electoral vote 42 7 3
States carried 3 2 0
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The US Presidential election of 2024 was the 60th quadrennial election. It was held on November 12th 2024. It was the largest election in US history, with 6 parties. The canadiates were Reince Priebus (65th Chairman of the Republican National Committee) and his running mate Joe Bohenor, John Edwards (United States Senator from North Carolina) and his running mate Dennis Kuinich, Robert Johnson (Owner of Carlo's Pizza, a local pizza chain in Portland, Oregon) and his running mate Carl Person, Jill Stein (Green Party nominee for President of the United States) and her running mate Roseanne Barr, Rocky Anderson (Former mayor of Salt lake city) and his running mate Pedro Rodriguez, Virgil Goode (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia's 5th district) and his running mate Jim Clymer.

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