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The 2024 Canadian Federal Election was held on September 18th, 2024.

This was the first election held in Canada using the Multi-Member District (MMD) system.

NDP Prime Minster Nathan Cullen's government was re-elected.

Seats by Province

British Columbia-56 MPs

Vancouver Island-10 MPs

Lower Mainland-18 MPs

Fraser Valley-14 MPs

Okanagan-Southern Interior-8 MPs

Peace River-Northern Interior-4 MPs

Skeena-North Coast-2 MPs

Alberta-42 MPs

Calgary-16 MPs

Edmonton-12 MPs

Red Deer-Central Alberta-6 MPs

Athabasca-Northern Alberta-6 MPs

Bow River-Southern Alberta-4 MPs

Saskatchewan-18 MPs

Grasslands-South-4 MPs

Churchill-North-2 MPs

Regina-6 MPs

Saskatoon-6 MPs

Manitoba-18 MPs

Winnipeg-8 MPs

Red River-South-4 MPs

Portage-Interlake-4 MPs

Thompson-North-2 MPs

Ontario-104 MPs

Toronto-16 MPs

Ottawa-8 MPs

Hamilton-4 MPs

London-4 MPs

Kitchner-Waterloo-4 MPs

Niagara-6 MPs

Windsor-4 MPs

Missisagua-8 MPs

York-14 MPs

Central-Huron-6 MPs

Southern-Erie-10 MPs

Kingston-Belleville-6 MPs

North Bay-2 MPs

Sudbury-Nickel Belt-4 MPs

Cochrane-James Bay-2 MPs

Sault Ste. Marie-Algoma-2 MPs

Thunder Bay-Kenora-4 MPs

Quebec-84 MPs

Montreal-14 MPs

Laval-4 MPs

Gatineau-6 MPs

St. Laurent-10 MPs

Abitii-North-4 MPs

Sherbrooke-Richelieu-8 MPs

Levis-Thetford-6 MPs

Trois Rivieres-Shawinigan-6 MPs

Drummondville-4 MPs

Saguenay-Le Fjord-6 MPs

Quebec-10 MPs

Gaspe-6 MPs

New Brunswick-12 MPs

Madawaska-Acadia-2 MPs

Moncton-Beausjour-4 MPs

Fredricton-Tobique-2 MPs

Saint John-Fundy-4 MPs

Prince Edward Island-4 MPs

(One District)

Nova Scotia-16 MPs

Halifax-Dartmouth-4 MPs

Southern Shore-2 MPs

Cumberland-Colchester-2 MPs

Annapolis-Kings-2 MPs

Atigonish-Guysborough-2 MPs

Cape Breton-4 MPs

Newfoundland and Labrador-10 MPs

St. John's-Avalon-4 MPs

Humber-Bonivista-Gander-4 MPs

Labrador-2 MPs

Yukon-2 MPs

Northwest Territories-2 MPs

Nunavut-2 MPs

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