The 2020s will be a very conservative and moral decade. Traditional family values will be common in the 2020s along with a booming, prosperous economy. By 2020, we will have one of the lowest taxes in a long time, thanks to the abolishment of the income tax in 2013 and the sales tax by 2018. By 2020, the only taxes that were made was a flat tax, in which 10% of your income is taxed to the government, which is based more on property tax. The government size is down to the most basic necessities such as your roads, fire department, police department, and your military.

While the United States economony is rising, the rest of the world economy is rising. Russia is having one of the highest economies in ages while China and India are experiencing a rising economy. Other countries remain poor such as third world countries in Africa, with a lack of funding giving to these other countries because of the small governments that are common in the United States and in Europe. Europe has begin to become more free with a higher economy. The 2020s will be a time of peace and prosperity throughout the world, thanks to the election of Sean Hannity in 2020.

In the 2020s, the major trend will be the stay at home business. Many people are having virtual online home businesses while raising children at home. With the end of social security in the year 2016, many elderly people are starting to live with the home of their children and grandchildren. Traditional moral values are taught in school, with more scientific proof of creationism. Gender roles are the norm in the 2020s, with the men working and the women staying home taking care of children, with an online business.

College will be most trade schools and online education. Many high school courses are offered online, making the class sizes in high schools smaller. Going to a physical high school will not be common in the 2020s unless you are some type of elite. The rest get classes online and begin to work, keeping the economy strong.

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