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The 2020s Rastafari Movement would be a youth movement during Cold War II that would bring the rise of the Rastafari religion and culture in the United States as well as many other western countries. The 2020s decade would be culturally defined by the Rastafari movement, just like the 1990s was with the Grunge movement and the 1960s was with the Hippie movement. It would be a time when the Rastafarian relgion would be taught throughout the US and some other western countries, reggae would become mainstream, and marijuana would become legalized in all 50 US states and many western countries including Japan and Australia.

The movement would actually start not in the 2020s, but in 2017 when the new president Robby Wells would change the foreign policy of the United States and declare Russia and China as "enemies of the US", and would cut off all trade and good relations with Russia and China.

In fear that World War III might happen, people would look for ways to get around the fear, but one group in Colorado would make a statement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that would point out that fear is our biggest enemy, and that living with Rastafarian customs and culture could save you from fear. This idea would grow in popularity, especially in 2018 with the EAA formation when Cold War II would become official.

The movement would be on the rise of popularity from 2018-2025. Then it would start reaching its peak between 2025-2028 with the War in India. The movement would start declining with the armistice, but it wouldn't die down, and still be alive in the 2030s, 2040s, and 2050s, but not be as big as its was in its 2020s hay day.

Generation would become a big topic with the Rastafari movement, as many older generations would disapprove of it. The one's who'd start and lead the Rastafari movement in the late 2010s and early 2020s would be the Millennials, particularly the younger ones born in 1995-2000. But then, when the movement would reach a bigger peak in the mid 2020s, it would be a movement associated with Gen Z, those born after 2000, they would be known as "The Rasta Generation".

Marijuana use would increase during this time, the drug would be legalized in all 50 US states and many other western countries, and would surpass alcohol and tobacco in users, as those two aforementioned drugs would decline drastically in use.

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