2020 United States Presidential Election(Fernando's Good Dream Or Worst Nightmare)

November 3rd 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election Is Between Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump From New York And His Running Mate Vice President Mike Pence From Indiana Won Re-Election Against Democratic Nominee Former Vice President Joe Biden From Delaware And His Running Mate Susan Warren From Massachusetts

Donald Trump Was The Only Republican To Win Minnesota In 1972

After The Republicans Still Maintain The House 227-213 And Still Hold On The Senate 51-49

Republicans Once Again Maintain The Congress 227-213 And Senate 53-47

On December 21st 2020 After Trump's Re-Election Secured By The Electoral College,The FBI Announced That They Had Believed Russia Had Interfered With This Election Like They Did Back In The 2016 Election

Donald Trump Joe Biden
New York Delaware
Republican Democrat
Mike Pence Susan Warren
282 256
30+ME 02 20+DC
47.2% 51.3%

Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden Former Vice President From Delaware(Nominee)

Tulsi Gabbard Congresswoman From Hawaii

John Delaney Congressman From Maryland

Republican Nomination

President Donald Trump From New York(Nominee)

John Kasich Former Governor From Ohio

Jeff Flake Former Senator From Arizona


RNC Convention

Las Vegas Nevada

DNC Convention

Atlanta Georgia

Swing States

Donald Trump






Joe Biden






By 7:30pm On November 4th 54 Electoral Votes were still in the air with with Minnesota,Florida,Nevada And Pennsylvania Still Being too close to call.Soon it was ordered that they start counting them by paper ballots,which could continue to drag out the election. On November 5th at 5:27am,florida called for trump with beyond slim margin of 530 12:10pm that day,minnesota was called for trump On November 7th at 2:30pm(est),Nevada was called for trump by a margin of 1,200 votes, it took 2 more days pennsylvania to be called on November 9th at 7:30pm for trump by a margin 230 votes,one of the closest in american history,with pennsylvania called, Biden conceded the election in an attempt to have a peaceful transfer

During trump's victory speech on november 10th,he thanked Biden for a good race and that it was more adventurous than 2016, Biden had conceded had the election on the 9th. Questions continued to swirl about possible Russian Interference with even closer results than 2016, which disgrunted democrats used to their advantage to forward the mueller investigation. Biden attempted to calm the disagreements,but was ignored and it continued so far that protests riots occured again across the nation, altough much violent than 2016

Post Election Events

Trump Election Riots

Riots Across The The United States Over The Days After The Re-Election Of Incumbent President Donald Trump With The Victory Against Former Vice President Joe Biden