This is the 2020 United States Presidential Election. This Election is a absolute mess.

Background- Between 2016-2020, the Bernie Sanders administration does very badly. The Bernie Sanders administration begins to side against both the Democrats and Republicans. Bernie Sanders goes out to form his own party, the Socialist Party. Bernie Sanders runs officially as a Socialist in 2020, leaving the Democratic Nomination up for Grabs. Angus King, his vice, does not want to Join Bernie and remains a Independent. This makes the 2020 Presidential Election where the Vice President is Running Against the Incumbent.

Constitutionalist Party Nomination- Donald Trump and Scott Copeland compete for the first ever nationally televised nomination from the Constitutionalist Party. Donald Trump wins the nomination. Donald Trump nominates himself as Vice President, the first candidate to ever do so.

Republican Party Nomination- The Republican Party front runners are McCain, McConnell, Kasich, Paul, and Orrin Hatch. Orrin Hatch held the Early lead in the polls, but McCain passed Hatch and never turned back. McCain steals the Republican Nomination, and being nice to Hatch, gives Orrin Hatch his vice President Nomination.

Democratic Party Nomination- Joaquin Castro runs unopposed and takes the nomination. He nominates Illinois Senator Dick Durbin to be his running mate in the quest for the White House.

Other- Angus King runs as a independent and Bernie Sanders runs as a member of the Socialist Party.

Election- During the Election, each of the 5 parties get votes, but their is no clear victor because nobody has more than 270 electoral votes. The vote comes down to The Democratic controlled senate. The Senate votes Joaquin Castro, by a margin of just 5 votes.


2020 Presidential Election Results. King gets 36 Votes, Sanders/West gets 59, Trump/Trump gets 69, McCain/Hatch gets 132, Castro/Durbin gets 229.

Joaquin Castro becomes the 47th president of the United States of America.

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