The 2020 United Kingdom General Election was held on May 8th, 2020. It resulted in a Conservative minority government led by Boris Johnson, who formed it upon the permission of King Charles III.


2020 United Kingdom General Election Results
Party: Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat UKIP
Leader: Boris Johnson Ed Milliband Vince Cable Nigel Farage
Leader's Seat: Henley Doncaster North Twickenham Eastleigh
Seats: 284 233 98 0
Seats +/- +45 -123 +69 =
Percent: 38% 28% 26% 6%
Percent +/- +5% -13% +10% -4%


Boris Johnson easily won the election, campaigning on the incompetence of the Labour Government.

Labour lost 123 seats and Ed Milliband was forced out within the year. A fractured and disorganized party base prevented them from forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Ed Balls was elected leader of the party, but they would never recover from the slump.

2020 proved to be the best election in the history of the Liberal Democrats, as their popular, elder statesman leader Vince Cable led them to a rousing 98 seats. However, Vince Cable retired the next year at the age of 78 and was replaced by Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams.

UKIP lost much of it's vote and most of it's members went to the Conservative Party or the newly formed British Defense Party (BDP) under Tommy Robinson.

Other Seats Won:

SNP: 7

Plaid Cymru: 6

Ulster Unionist Party: 6

Sinn Fein: 5

Democratic Unionist Party: 3


Alliance: 2

Greens: 2

Respect: 1

Independent: 1