2020 U.S. Presidential Election

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2020 United States Presidential Election
225px-Michelle Obama official portrait headshot

Michelle Obama

220px-Paul Ryan official portrait

Paul Ryan

The Election Was Held On November 3rd, 2020 The Contest Between Republican President Paul Ryan And His Democratic Opponent Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama Won The Election Since Ronald Reagan Won The Election Against Jimmy Carter For His Re-Election Bid 40 Years Ago In 1980 The Contest Was Between Incumbent Democratic President Jimmy Carter And His Republican Opponent,Former California Governor Ronald Reagan, As Well As Republican Congressman John B. Anderson, Who Ran As An Independent. Reagan, Aided By The Iran Hostage Crisis And A Worsening Economy At Home, Won the Election In A Landslide, Receiving The Highest Number Of Electoral Votes Ever Won By A Non-incumbent Presidential Candidate. Michelle Obama Was Becoming The First Woman And Second Black President For The First Time In U.S. History She Won 44 States Including DC,43,903,230 And 52% Since Reagan Did Former U.S. President Barack Obama Becoming The Only U.S. First Man For The First Time. Black, Latino, Asian, Young, Women, Single Parents And Middle Class Family Members Voted For Michelle Obama And Astronauts Voted For Michelle Obama On The International Space Station From Space Using Ballots Were Transmitted Over The Weekend People From Across The Globe React Michelle Obama Landslide Victory Citizens From Around The World Watch The Election And Cheered For Michelle Obama Especially That Includes In Countries Like Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico, Iceland, Africa, Cuba, Obama Aided By The Milwaukee Crisis And The Taxes On Middle Class Family Lost Their Homes NAACP, American Latino Association And The Asian American Community Brings Happiness And Joy To America To Change America Back To Normal. Paul Ryan Won six States President Paul Ryan Was Failed To Secure The Re-Election Bid Because Of His Problems.


Paul Ryan Won The Election Against Vice President Joe Biden In 2016 Barack Obama End His Presidency In January 20th 2017 When Paul Ryan Was Inaugurated As President Since Reagan Ended His Presidency on January 20th 1989 George H.W. Bush Was Inaugurated Paul Ryan Signed The Bill To Put Taxes On The Middle Classes Repeal Gun Ban And Putting Small Businesses Again Gangster Disciples Buy Weapons To Start Shooting Rival Gang Members The Middle Class Family Lost Their Homes The Bank Took Houses.

Paul Ryan Was Blamed Because He Repeal Gun Ban To Let Teenagers And Urban Gangs Buy Guns With Fake ID's To Lead Starts The Madison Hostage Crisis When Vice Lords Rapper Cheeky Leeks Reinventing The Lyrics For The Song Called Obama Era When On The Album Called Annihilate Gangster Disciples It Was Released On September 4th, 2018 To Annihilate The Gangster Disciples It Was The Number #1 Song Of America In October 2nd 2018 When The Gangster Disciples Heard The Song When It Started In October 13th 2019 When The Full Moon Comes The Gangster Disciples Is Going To Shoot Cheeky Leeks But They Had Mistakenly Targeting The Mexican American Middle Class Family The Rodriguez Family With Pistols, Uzis, Shotguns And AK-47s They Had Been Escaped, He Did Put Taxes At To The Middle Classes They Lost Their Homes,Raising Gas Prices And Not Going To Sign To The Milwaukee Riots The Scrambles The Death Leader Bill When The Police Office Beat Up And Pointing A Silencer Gun At The 15 Year Old Teenage Boy Named Blake Johnson Who Was In The Reality Check Program At The Milwaukee County Jail In Milwaukee Wisconsin For Theft, Fighting And Truancy Since Jimmy Carter Was Blamed For The Iran Hostage Crisis, In Which The Followers Of The Ayatollah Khomeni Burned American Flags And Chanted Anti-American Slogans, Paraded The Captured American Hostages In Public, And Burned Effigies Of Carter. Carter's Critics Saw Him As An Inept Leader Who Had Failed To Solve The Worsening Economic Problems At Home.His Supporters Defended The President As A Decent, Well-Intentioned Man Being Unfairly Attacked For Problems That Had Been Building For Years.

Michelle LaVaungh Robbinson Obama Paul Davis Ryan
Democrat Republican
Illinois Wisconsin
Joseph Patrick Kennedy III Marco Antonio Rubio
Massachusetts Florida
44+DC 6
44,903,230 33,480,115


492 49
Presidents Before The Election
Paul Ryan Republican
Michelle Obama Democrat
Presidential Election Map.Blue Denotes States Won By Obama/Kennedy, Red Donates Those Won By Ryan/Rubio.
2020 electoral map

The Obama And Kennedy Family Was Embrace The Following Television Announcement Of Their Biggest Victory At Emebassy Suites Hotel In Chicago Illinois Since The Reagans And Bushes Was Embrace The Following Television Announcement Their Biggest Victory In 1980 At The Grand Plaza Hotel In Los Angeles California.

The Obamas And The Kennedys Walk On Stage At Their Election Night Victory At United Center In Chicago.

The Empire State Building Turns Blue When The Networks Projected The Election Winner.

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