2019-2020 Eastern Powers War Meeting (WW3 Map Game)

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EASTERN POWERS ONLY!!! (Secret) This is a meeting about the (planned) territorial changes of the world once the war is over. Welcome, it will be held in Lyon, France.

Roll Call

  • Flag of France France (Present, Represented by President .....)
  • Flag of Catalonia Catalonia (Present, Represented by John Smith)
  • Flag of California California (Present, Represented by Mayor Eric Garcetti)
  • Flag of China China (Present, Represented by President Xi Jinping)
  • Flag of Vietnam USSI (Present, Represented by President Tinh Dong Nguyen)
  • Eurasian Union Eurasian Union(Present,Represented by President Vladimir Putin)



  • Saarland: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Baden-Württemberg: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Wallonia: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Luxembourg: To France
  • Piedmont: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Aosta Valley: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Liguria: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Romania: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Moldova: To France (Status: Pending)
  • Catalonia: To Catalonia (Status: Accomplished)
  • Andorra: To Catalonia
  • Serbia: To Eurasian Union
  • Latvia: To Eurasian Union
  • Other Baltic States: To Eurasian Union
  • Scandinavian Countries: To Eurasian Union
  • Poland: To Eurasian Union(Partly Successful)
  • Ukraine: to Eurasian Union(Successful)


  • Japan: To China
  • Thailand: To China (Status: Pending)
  • Taiwan: To China
  • Kashmir: To China
  • Phillipines: To China
  • All of Indonesia except Sumatra and Java: To China
  • Pakistan: To China
  • Afghanistan: To China
  • Malaysian Borneo: To USSI
  • Sumatra and Java: To USSI
  • Bangladesh: To USSI
  • Timor (Whole Island): To France
  • Mongolia: To Eurasian Union

South America

  • French Guiana: To France (Status: Accomplished)

North America

  • Belize: To France (Status: Accomplished)
  • El Salvador: To China (Status: Accomplished)


  • Tunisia: To Catalon
  • Somalia: To China
  • Kenya: To China
  • Morocco: To Eurasian Union
  • Libya: To Eurasian Union
  • Nigeria: To Eurasian Union


  • Australia: To China Why!!! Because China will have complete control of the Pacific.
  • New Zealand: To China
  • Papua New Guinea: To China

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