2016 United States Presidential Election (Fernando's Worst Nightmare)

November 8th 2016

It was held yuesday, November 8th 2016. Republican party Nominee Billionaire Donald Trump Of New York Defeated Democratic Party Nominee Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Of New York

Donald Trump won the majority of popular vote, And 7 swing states in the Electoral College. Donald Trump was the first Republican candidate which Won in Pennsylvania And Michigan since 1988 And New Hampshire In 2000.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
New York New York
Republican Democrat
Mike Pence Tim Kaine
287 251
30 20+DC


Republican Nominee

Donald Trump (Nominee)

Marco Rubio (Withdrawal March 16th 2016)

Ted Cruz (Withdrawal May 3rd 2016)

Ben Carson (Withdrawal March 2nd 2016)

Jeb Bush (Withdrawal February 20th 2016)

John Kasich (Withdrawal May 4th 2016)

Jim Gilmore (Withdrawal February 12th 2016)

Chris Christie (Withdrawal February 10th 2016)

Carly Fiorina (Withdrawal February 10th 2016)

Rick Santorum (Withdrawal February 3rd 2016)

Rand Paul (Withdrawal February 3rd 2016)

Mike Huckabee (Withdrawal February 1st 2016)

George Pataki (Withdrawal December 29th 2016)

Lindsay Graham (Withdrawal December 21st 2015)

Bobby Jindal (Withdrawal November 17th 2015)

Mark Everson (Withdrawal November 5th 2015)

Scott Walker (Withdrawal September 21st 2015)

Rick Perry (Withdrawal September 11th 2015)

Donald Trump won New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Louisiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missisippi, Hawaii, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Oregon, New Mexico and many other states.

Ted Cruz won Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Kansas, Maine, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Wisconsin.

John Kasich won only his homestate of Ohio.

Marco Rubio won in Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington D. C., but he withdrawn after big setback in his homestate, Florida.

Democratic Nominee

Hillary Clinton (Nominee)

Bernie Sanders (Withdrawal July 12th 2016)

Martin O'Malley (Withdrawal February 1st 2016)

Lawrence Lessig (Withdrawal November 2nd 2015)

Lincoln Chafee (Withdrawal October 23rd 2015)

Jim Webb (Withdrawal October 20th 2015)


Republican national convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Democratic national convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Swing States


Pennsylvania Trump 1+ Pt

Michigan Trump 5+ Pts

Florida Trump 3+ Pts

North Carolina Trump 4+ Pts

Nevada Trump 2+ Pts

Iowa Trump 1+ Pt

New Hampshire Trump 2+ Pts


Wisconsin Clinton 10+ Pts

Colorado Clinton 9+ Pts

Virginia Clinton 2+ Pts

Ohio Clinton 2+ Pts

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