2014 50-star-flag-big 2018
US Senate Elections, 2016
33 of the 100 seats, 51 seats needed for the majority
November 8, 2016
First party Second party
McConnell Schumer
Leader Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 54 46
Seats won 51 49
Seat change -3 +3
Majority Leader before election
Mitch McConnell
Resulting Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell



     Republican gain      Republican hold      Democratic gain      Democratic hold      Independent gain      Independent hold

Winning candidate in bold

State Incumbent Party Result Candidates
Alabama Richard Shelby Republican Incumbent re-elected Ron Crumpton (Democratic)
Alaska Lisa Murkowski Republican Incumbent re-elected Hollis French (Democratic)
Arizona John McCain Republican Incumbent re-elected Ann Kirkpatrick (Democratic)
Arkansas John Boozman Republican Incumbent re-elected Conner Eldridge (Democratic)
California Barbara Boxer Democratic Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Kamala Harris (Democratic)
Loretta Sanchez (Democratic)
Colorado Michael Bennet Democratic Incumbent re-elected Darryl Glenn (Republican)
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal Democratic Incumbent re-elected Dan Carter (Republican)
Florida Marco Rubio Republican Incumbent resigned, Democratic gain Patrick Murphy (Democratic)
David Jolly (Republican)
Georgia Johnny Isakson Republican Incumbent re-elected Jim Barksdale (Democratic)
Hawaii Brian Schatz Democratic Incumbent re-elected to serve full term Charles Djou (Republican)
Idaho Mike Crapo Republican Incumbent re-elected Jerry Sturgill (Democratic)
Illinois Mark Kirk Republican Incumbent lost re-election Tammy Duckworth (Democratic)
Indiana Dan Coats Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Todd Young (Republican)
Baron Hill (Democratic)
Iowa Chuck Grassley Republican Incumbent re-elected Patty Judge (Democratic)
Kansas Jerry Moran Republican Incumbent re-elected Patrick Wiesner (Democratic)
Kentucky Rand Paul Republican Incumbent re-elected Jim Gray (Democratic)
Louisiana David Vitter Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold John Fleming (Republican)
Foster Campbell (Democratic)
Maryland Barbara Mikulski Democratic Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Chris Van Hollen (Democratic)
Kathy Szeliga (Republican)
Missouri Roy Blunt Republican Incumbent re-elected Jason Kander (Democratic)
Nevada Harry Reid Democratic Incumbent retired, Republican gain Joe Heck (Republican)
Catherine Cortez Masto (Democratic)
New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte Republican Incumbent re-elected Maggie Hassan (Democratic)
New York Chuck Schumer Democratic Democratic hold Wendy Long (Republican)
North Carolina Richard Burr Republican Incumbent re-elected Deborah Ross (Democratic)
North Dakota John Hoeven Republican Incumbent re-elected Eliot Glassheim (Democratic)
Ohio Rob Portman Republican Incumbent lost re-election Ted Strickland (Democratic)
Oklahoma James Lankford Republican Incumbent re-elected to serve full term Mike Workman (Democratic)
Oregon Ron Wyden Democratic Incumbent re-elected Mark Callahan (Republican)
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey Republican Incumbent re-elected Katie McGinty (Democratic)
South Carolina Tim Scott Republican Incumbent re-elected Thomas Dixon (Democratic)
South Dakota John Thune Republican Incumbent re-elected Jay Williams (Democratic)
Utah Mike Lee Republican Incumbent re-elected Jonathan Swinton (Democratic)
Vermont Patrick Leahy Democratic Incumbent re-elected Scott Milne (Republican)
Washington Patty Murray Democratic Incumbent re-elected Chris Vance (Republican)
Wisconsin Ron Johnson Republican Incumbent lost re-election Russ Feingold (Democratic)

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