2012 Flag of the United States of America 2020
2016 United States Presidential Election
November 7, 2016
Clinton 845px-Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore Rand Paul official portrait with flag edit
Nominee Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Rand Paul
Party Democratic Republican Tea Party
Home state New York New York Kentucky
Running mate Julian Castro John Kasich Ted Cruz
Electoral vote 384 106 48
States carried 31 + DC 12 7
Popular vote 42,603,601 27,016,918 16,972,166
Percentage 49.2% 31.2% 19.6%
2020 Presidential Election map. Blue denotes states won by Clinton/Castro. Red denotes states won by Trump/Kasich. Green denotes states won by Paul/Cantor.
President before election
Barack Obama
Elected President
Donald Trump


Democratic Party

  • Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State
  • Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont 
  • Martin O'Malley, former Governor of Maryland (dropped out 2/1/16)
  • Jim Webb, Former Virginia Senator
  • Lincoln Chafee, former Governor of Rhode Island
  • Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Professor

Republican Party

  • Marco Rubio, United States Senator from Florida
  • Donald Trump, Buisnessman from New York (dropped out at convention)
  • Ted Cruz - United States Senator for Texas (drooped out at convention)
  • John Kasich, Governor of Ohio
  • Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey (dropped out 4/13/16)
  • Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas (dropped out 1/23/16)
  • Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas (dropped out 1/8/16)
  • Ben Carson, retired surgeon from Maryland (dropped out 6/2/16) 
  • Carly Fiorina, former CEO from California (dropped out 11/19/16) 
  • Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina (dropped out 2/9/16)  
  • Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania (dropped out after convention)
  • Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin
  • Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia
  • George Pataki, former Governor of New York

Tea Party

  • Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky
  • Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana (dropped out 7/2/16)
  • Todd Akin, former Congressman from Missouri (dropped out 3/3/16)
  • Eric Cantor, former House Majority leader (dropped out 4/19/16)

General Election

The General Election was essentially a push-over for Clinton. 






Obama's Popularity


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