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2016 US Presidential Election (Awaro)
November 8, 2016
Turnout 57,6%
Carlyfiorinawaro Hillary Clinton
Nominee Carly Fiorina Hillary Clinton
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Virginia New York
Running mate Marco Rubio Joaquin Castro
Electoral vote 310 228
States carried 32 18+DC
Popular vote 66,160,407 59,381,163
Percentage 52,7% 47,3%
Red denotes states won by Fiorina/Rubio. Blue denotes states won by Clinton/Castro
The 2016 US Presidential Election was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Republican nominee and businesswoman Carly Fiorina went to defeat Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was the first time any major party nominated or elected a woman for office of President of the United States. Incumbent president Barack Obama was ineligible for a third term due to restrictions on the United States Constitution. The declining popularity of president Barack Obama and the email scandal reduced the popularity of the Democratic Party amongst independent voters, granting a victory for the Republican Party in several swing states.

The main issues were the War against ISIL, the Iran nuclear deal and Immigration reform. Marco Rubio popularity amongst Hispanics was credited for being the first time a Republican ticket won the Latino vote, considered crucial by both campaigns.


Democratic PartyEdit

Hillary Clinton won the nomination without opposition after the withdrawal of Senator Bernie Sanders. Polls suggested a rise of popularity of Vice President Joe Biden, who never officially joined the race.

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Nominee)
  • Senator from Vermont Bernard Bernie Sanders (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee (Withdrawal)

 Republican PartyEdit

The Republican Party members split up amongst the 17 candidates. Businessman Donald Trump led the polls by a large margin until December. After his withdrawal in January, his supporters split up amongst the remaining candidates. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina eventually won the Primaries, choosing Marco Rubio as her running mate.

  • Businesswoman Carly Fiorina (Nominee)
  • Senator from Texas Ted Cruz
  • Senator from Florida Marco Rubio
  • Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
  • Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush (Withdrawal)
  • Retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore (Withdrawal)
  • Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Withdrawal)
  • Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (Withdrawal)
  • Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal (Withdrawal)
  • Former Senator of Pennsylvania Rick Santorum (Withdrawal)
  • Businessman Donald Trump (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of New York George Pataki (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of Ohio John Kasich (Withdrawal)
  • Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry (Withdrawal)
  • Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (Withdrawal)