The 2016 Presidential Election occurred on November 8, 2016. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator from New York, and Secretary of State under the Obama administration, faced off against Republican nominee: Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul. The Democratic VP Nominee was Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, whilst the Republican nominee was Utah Senator Mike Lee. Clinton won but it was a very hard election.

As the presumed nominee, Hillary Clinton did not have much of a challenge for the Democratic nomination, however she did not win all states. The Republican nomination was very fractured with Rand Paul winning barely against former New Jersey Governor Chris Chrsite, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

2016 Presidential Election (We Want Hillary)

2016 Democratic Primaries Edit

The 2016 Democratic Primaries began on January 4, 2016. There were 12 original candidates:

Hillary Clinton- Former First Lady, Democratic New York Senator, and the Secretary of State under the Obama andministration.

Martin O'Malley- Former Maryland Governor.

Dennis Kucinich- Former Ohio Congressman.

Bernie Sanders- Former Vermont-at-Large Congressman, Vermont Senator.

Al Franken- Minnesota Senator.

Charlie Crist- Former Florida Governor.

Brian Schweitzer- Former Montana Governor.

Joe Biden official portrait crop2

Joe Biden as Vice President.

Joe Manchin- West Virginia Senator.

Evan Bayh- Former Indiana Governor and Senator.

Peter Shumlin- Governor of Vermont, Democratic Governors Chairman.

Withdrew before Primaries:

Steve Bullock- Montana Governor

Dick Durbin- Illinois Senator.


Martin O'Malley as Governor of Maryland, 2013.

Pat Quinn- Former Illinois Governor.

Tim Kaine- Virginia Senator

Mark Warner- Virginia Senator. (Dropped out on July 5, 2015, 55 days after announcing candidacy).

Janet Napolianto- Former Arizona Governor. (Dropped out on June 4, 2015, 2 days after announcing).

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