The 2016 Presidential Election was the 58th Quadrinnial Election for President. It was between Republican Kasey Lidstrom, Democrat Martin Redford, and Progressive John Belldinger.  
Kasey Lidstrom Martin Redford John Belldinger
Republican Democrat Progressive
339 votes 89 votes 110 votes
36 states plus DC 5 states 10 states
Current President Governor of Delaware US Senator from Missouri

Republican Primaries

Kasey Lidstrom

Mitt Romney

John McCain


Sarah Palin

Rand Paul

[[Chris Christie]

Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz

Democratic Primaries

Martin Redford

Hillary Clinton Rejected Charles Lidstrom, Jr

2016 Election Results


2016 Results

Blue=Republican 339 Electoral votes Red=Democrat 89 Electoral votes Green=Progrssive 110 Electoral votes

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