2016 Presidential Election
Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Runningmate Mike Pence Tim Kaine
Party Republican Democrat
Electoral Votes 180 358

2016 Primaries

The cacauses and primaries for the 2016 elections were a contested affair. The Democrats, who had been in power with Obama, decided between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The Republicans had a much more bitter primary season, in which they decided between Donald Trump, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie. The Democrats chose Hillary. She tried to hold the party together by having O'Maley as her runningmate. The Republicans ended up choosing Donald J. Trump.

Republican Primary 2016

Red=Donald Trump Green=Marco Rubio Yellow=Ted Cruz Purple=John Kasich

Democrat Primary 2016

Blue=Hillary Clinton Turquoise= Bernie Sanders Yellow=Undecided

'2016 'Elections

Top: Democratic Primary results Bottom: Republican Primary ResultsIn 2016, Americans chose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for President. Hillary Clinton and her runnigmate, Martin O'Maley, belonged to the Democrat party that President Obama had belonged to. Americans had become very distressed under Obama and had wanted a candidate from another party.

Knowing that they could not win by focusing on positive aspects of Obama's terms, such as the national switch to digital TV or the Death of Osama Bin Laden, Ombar Quaffdi among others. the Democrats viciously attacked the Republicans. The Democrats claimed that Trump hated women and minorities and that he was against all immigration. Trump beat back the charges and instead focused on his message of hope, economic prosperity, freedom and American strength and pride.

On Election Day, the States turned in their votes one by one. At the end of voting, it had become apparent that Trump had won. Many political scientists beleive that Trump won because he attracted former Democrats and Independents for the first time. Others beleive it was because of the unpopular incumbent and his political affiliation. Trump also nearly doubled Republican Party size making the Election of 2016 have the highest voter turn-out in all of American history.

2016 Election Results changed

Red= Republicans and Blue= Democrats DC is blue

2016 Elections in Congress
Republicans Democrats Libertrian Independents
House 241 192 1 2
Senate 54 44 0 2

The elections were also important since they gave Republicans control of Congress and also marked the first time where a Libertarian Party member won a congressional seat in Utah's 1st District.

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