In the 2016 election, Jeb Bush experienced a spike in the polls, but Donald Trump remained ahead. After the Chairman of the Republican Committee in New Hampshire praised Bush, Trump announced that he would back out to run as an indpenedent. This began a chain reaction. Next, as bush rallied to look like he was winning the election, Rand Paul backed out to seek the Libertarian Nomination. Next, as Hillary Clinton began to win, Bernie Sanders announced that he would run as yet another independent. Scott Walker was the last one to run for another party, backing out to seek the Constitution Party nomination. And thus, six major candidates were running for president.

With six major candidates from two original parties, the candidates struggle over running mates. Bernie Sanders chooses Elizabeth Warren, Jeb Bush chooses John Kasich, Hillary Clinton chooses Tim Kaine, Scott Walker chooses Ben Carson, Rand Paul chooses Justin Amash, and Donald Trump chooses Sarah Palin. 

Election Results


Red: Bush Gray: Trump Blue: Clinton Brown: Sanders Cyan: Walker Pink: Paul

Following the Election, no candidate had won a majority. 

Candidate States Votes
Hillary Clinton 13+DC 215
Jeb Bush 7 112
Donald Trump 14 110
Rand Paul 9 57
Scott Walker 4 26
Bernie Sanders 3 18

On January 3rd, the congress were sworn in. The Senate took a vote between John Kasich and Tim Kaine for Vice President. However, many states were tied, and therefore didn't count. Because of these, no candidate won 26 states, and incumbent Vice President Joe Biden was to cast the vote, choosing Tim Kaine. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives voted between Clinton, Bush, and Trump. They couldn't choose a candidate with a majority before January 20th, making Tim Kaine the President. Hillary Clinton became his Vice President. 

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