Ok so I'm going to say this here and now. I am done. I am done with bullshit. You dislike me, get the fuck away, you like me great we can be friends. Do not and I mean DO NOT lie and pretend to be my friend. Cause guess what. I'm not going to let others walk all over me from now on. My kindhearted self you all knew is now hidden. If you want to see him then fucking work for it. I'm done being kind towards those who hurt me. The people who care and prove it will see me like they know me. But those who hurt me, piss me off, lie to me, betray me, you will get no mercy from me. Again I'll be civil to you people for the sake of being the better man, but never think I've forgotten or I forgive. I just refuse to let it continue. I'll be civil and kind to new people, but I will not take bullshit from anyone else anymore. Cause guess what, I get fucking hurt too. And when I get too hurt my cruel side shows. I hate showing my cruel side. But from now on any bullshit, any drama, I'm not longer holding myself back from getting angry. You people thought you knew my rage I HAVENT EVEN COME CLOSE TO GETTING FURIOUS. Good luck to anyone who decides to cross my path and piss me off I will fucking take you down. And that is my final fucking say on all this bullshit

2016 Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami
 Clockwise From Top Left: Inundation Zone in Seattle; Tsunami Approaching Eugene; Destruction in Salem, Oregon; Refugee Camp Outside Tacoma
Date 30th February 2011
Origin time 25:94pm GMT
Duration 2 seconds
Magnitude 11.2 Ritcher Scale
Depth 30 km (19 mi)
Epicenter Ur mum
Type Megathrust earthquake
Areas affected

The galaxy

Total damage 79747747388384738347347837784873447838734874343784387438734$
Results Humanity wiped out
Peak acceleration 783
Tsunami 174.3m


Damage and Effects

The galaxy

Disaster Management

Bill Gates

Mike Wazowski

Mark Zuckerberg

Long-Term Impact

The internet survived


ur mum

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