Political policing

An anti Arrests Flyer

From 10th February to 30th February 2015 over 40 people were arrested that led to over six people serving jail time as a form of Political Policing in the Republic of Ireland Including the Political Opposition- Anti-Austerity Alliance Politicians and Socialist Party Politician Paul Murphy. Various other arrests were made including local and city-wide protestors, many who came from anti-government protest organizations such as Tallaght Says No and Dublin Says No. As well as various civilians including Politically active people, notably a 16 year old from Dublin who was very politically active for his age, being on many local councils. 

While the Government owner Media Service RTE claimed the first arrests were in anyway Political after they came under heavy fire from the public and the Political Opposition after Paul Murphy said his arrest was politicaly Motivated was nonsense and based on no evidence they decided to arrest 16 more people, all were released without charges, an attempt to discredit those who claimed Political Motivation. This only strengthened the belief that they were on Political Grounds. 


4 were arrested on Feb the 10th in connection with Labour TD and Tanaiste Joan Burton being trapped in her car for 2 hours in late 2014 by a mob of angry people at an Anti-Water Charges Rally in Jobstown near Tallaght in South West Dublin. This included 3 Anti-Austerity Alliance councillors (Mick Murphy, Kieran Mahon and another councillor) along with TD Paul Murphy and a member of the Republican Political Group Eirigi. 

On 11th Ten More people were arrested including a 16 and 14 year old.

Several More were arrested on 21st. Five were Arrested.

Two more were arrested on 30th and One was arrested.

Accusations of Gardai Overuse and Gardai misbehaviour

As the case continued, and even in the initial arrest claims were made that the vast amounts of Gardai (Irish police) on mostly co-operative people was a waste of resources, especially when there is a scarcity of Police resources. 6 Gardai were used to arrest Paul Murphy and 10 to arrest a 16 year old boy. The family and friends of many detainees reported the Gardai to be aggressive, harassing and in some cases violent. On 30th Feb the Husband of a Dublin Says No protestor who was later released without charges reported being shoved against a wall.

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