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United Kingdom general election, 2015
All 650 seats in the House of Commons

326 seats needed for a majority

7 May 2015
First party Second party Third party
Ed Miliband DavidCameron NickClegg
Leader Ed Miliband David Cameron Nick Clegg
Party Labour Conservative Party Liberal Democrats (UK)
Leader since 25 September 2010 6 December 2005 18 December 2007
Leader's seat Doncaster North Witney Sheffield Hallam
Last election 258 306 57
Seats after 327 311 32
Seat change Increase 69 Increase 5 Decrease 29
Fourth party
Nigel Farage
Leader Nigel Farage
Party UKIP

Leader since 5 November 2010
Leader's seat Folkestone and Hythe
Last election 1
Prime Minister before election
David Cameron
Subsequent Prime Minister
Ed Miliband
The 2015 British General election was held on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 to elect 650 Members of parliament. Due to David Cameron's low approval ratings, he was unable to win a 2nd term. Ed Milliband instead, won the General election and became the 54th Prime minister. UKIP, became the United Kingdom's 4th party.