Cause for existanceEdit

On September 6th 2015 China launched its own Vault programme called The 核避难所 Programme. Although out of non-American countries it got the highest amount of Vaults (1 in Shanghai and 1 in  Beijing) it claimed it needed more having the worlds highest population.

Basic locationsEdit

The majority would be built on the East coast, even some in city centers. List of Chinese Vaults

Space and CapacityEdit

Over 700 Vaults with enough room for 5,000 people each. In total housing 3 and a half Million people. Out of the Seven hundred only 206 were completed before the bombs fell.  



Typical Chinese women's Vault jumpsuit

The clothing in the Vault would be limited to three options. Blue, Grey and Black. It was the most advanced piece of clothing at the time and they underwent mass production. Each citizen of a Vault would have 5 spares at all times. The clothing was durable. (1,000 shelf life) Thermal and waterproof. They came with an inbuilt holographic computer as well as other basic features including MP3. The Number of the Vault was inscribed in large yellow letters on the back of each suit. Military exo suits were also added for Vault security.

See AlsoEdit

List of Chinese Vaults

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